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Who is Jkei?

'Experience has moved to the centre of cultural, economic and political action. Technology, its catalyst. Fantasies, Feelings and Fun, its currency. Welcome to Performance Society.'  Y. Martinez and J. Trees

About me


I am a versatile Creative Conceptual Digital Designer. Graduated cum laude in Foreign Literatures at the Orientale University of Naples, I broadened my interest in culture and communication by attending a Master in Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Warwick. Interested in particular in the language of new media, I studied Photography at the Gallery of Photography and Motion Graphics at the New Media Technology College in Dublin. Afterwards, I graduated cum laude in Visual Design at Ilas Design Academy in Naples.

My career ranges from permanent and freelance roles in award-winning digital agencies to small boutique studios as well as direct clients
and start-ups. Clients include companies in technology, media, communications, fashion, cultural heritage and creative industries.

I have spent the last years working for clients such as Microsoft, General Motors, Nestlé, and so on,  and my work has been awarded with Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, One Show, Webby, Dma and Creative Circle awards, among others.

As a self-acclaimed Performative Designer, with a background in Theatre and Performance studies, I believe
in the importance of the process.

I consider Design as a performance. Performances are events that activate the audience. They are temporary acts with unique and unpredictable results. Design -
as well as performances - exists
and disappears in its collaborative eventness.

Therefore, my areas of expertise include Brand Identity Design, Brand Activation, Campaign Conception and Design, Experiential Marketing and Design, Immersive Digital Experiences and Storytelling, Gamification and Instructional Design.

During the later years of my
career as a Designer, I have been experimenting with Coding and Programming Languages applied
to Art. At present, I am experimenting with Vjing, Music and Motion Graphics in order to realise audiovisual performances and experiences.

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