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Digital Storytelling


Storytelling is at the cusp of a revolution. New media is relentlessly heading toward a future that is immersive, interactive and designed to please all five senses.

I strongly believe in the power of Digital Storytelling and interactivity to deliver Brand Stories in a unique, immersive, and engaging way for today’s distracted content consumer. 

Here are a couple of examples of successful Digital Storytelling delivering brand stories. These examples inspired my personal approach to Digital Storytelling applied to Marketing and Advertising.


Interactive video

Online fashion retailer Lidyana and Nike teamed up to make an interactive video, showing a young woman waking up and then exercising. Viewers first choose the exercise for the main character to performInteractive buttons then appear on her clothing, giving viewers the opportunity to learn more about the merchandise and even add items straight to their shopping cart via
the video to deliver a fully immersive, customized experience.

Interactive game

Advertising platform GumGum created an interactive experience called the Marketer’s Matching Game. Viewers have to match cards with the same designs to learn about different types of marketing tactics. This format is a lot more engaging than just a simple blog post or static infographic.

Branching narratives

With today’s technology, brand storytellers are able to create interesting branching narratives. For example, Microsoft’s The Keys to the Kingdom microsite gives you the freedom to answer questions and progress through the narrative about Project Spark as you like. Depending on the answers you give, you get a different storyline and ending.


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